5 Music Mixes That Capture The Spirit of Traveling

5 Music Albums for Your Next Solo Backpacking Adventure

I love to describe my music as a smooth, sweet and trippy cocktail: MEET DITTI

Dreams are proof that fantasies are one of the profoundest necessities for human life: SKOUNT ART

Nothing. And absolutely everything: PARISENA BEACH, GREECE

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48 Peaks Above 2000 Meters: DURMITOR NATIONAL PARK

A mountain and national park located in the northwest of Montenegro, Durmitor got its name from the Celtic words “dru mi tore”, meaning mountain full of water. And indeed, with

Say again? There’s a Rainforest in Europe?!

Yeah, you read that right. Perućica is “one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe”, located in Bosnia Herzegovina, near the border with Montenegro. The exact location you’ll be

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Mystic Mountain is one of the best festivals I visited so far. Alan Watts said in one of his speeches – In giving


The famous legend says that the mythical singer Orpheus was born in the Rhodope Mountains – and with his lyre made animals and beasts

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