An online radio that specializes in the finest of soul, funk, hip-hop, disco music and all that jazz. On Indie.


We are a group of DJs and music enthusiasts from Ljubljana, Slovenia. We started broadcasting on in 2008… and prior to that we were running radio shows on local FM radio. The name Nula means zero in Slovenian…and some other Balkan languages. 

For us it means “undefined”…  so it can grow in whatever direction.
Our basic musical format revolves around Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Reggae…as well as some other sub genres… but it’s fundamentally about good groove. 
The other very important element of our musical selection is what is called B-boy music or Break(dance) music. On the program we also have daily guest DJ mixes by our friends from around the world and occasionally we record and broadcast our own shows.
So basically… Radio Nula is cute little basement project by a group of DJs and music lovers.