Emergency action of special artistic units created Umetnobil (Artmobile). This is how these creative guys start the story about this new & unique art project from Belgrade, Serbia which will allow artists to easily create and operate in real social and public areas. 

Here are some key things to know about the project:


“Our need is the relocation of the sterile space and static forms of communication. We will create new situations that will allow creators to think socially active. Infrastructure of our vehicle will make artists overcome problems related to transportation, accommodation, materials and will develop the relationship with a random audience and revive citizenship which is in a form of cultural euthanasia.”


The project will feature workshops, outdoor happenings, sound and voice performances, regular “rebranding” – painting of the vehicle by visual artists and authors of the exhibition by invitation. Activities will be selected by a jury on the basis of open competition.


Umetnobil invites artists and those who are not, to send their suggestions for the new design of the vehicle. Think of a text message or a visual solution that will change the course of today.

“Biography is not required. Age is not important. The solution lies in a possible salvation.”


Tour of the invisible part of Belgrade by informal guides, friends of Umetnobil, artists and curators. The tours are always different and represent the current inspiration of the selected guide. This program is tailored for people who want to know the intimate history of Belgrade and feel a scene in which Umetnobil artists create. Vehicle capacity: only for four souls.

Find out more about the project on the FB page of the project and don’t forget to visit their website.

* Photos kindly provided by the Umetnobil team