Freelance photographer who focuses on portraits and documentaries with photographs for advertisement, company portraits and social sector at the very core of her work. Spectacular artist who explains her interests in photography with: ” I am fond of people. Exactly the way they are.” University of Applied Sciences graduate and photo storyteller whose goal is not just to make an advertisement, but to create something of value and emotional meaning.

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Hi Hanna! First of all, amazing work! Love the solar energy project IMAGINE LIGHT by the German non-profit organization LOVE FOR LIFE that aims to provide a sustainable access to clean and independent solar energy to support the indigenous peoples in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Can you tell us a bit more about the experience in Ecuador and what made the biggest impression on you while working on this project?

Hanna: “Getting the possibility to work for such a wonderful organization was a huge honor for me. The fact that the indigenous peoples of the northern Ecuadorian Amazon, who formed an indigenous-led alliance called The Ceibo Alliance to fight for their cultural survival and the protection of the Amazon rainforest, are working together with the German organization in the IMAGINE LIGHT project, makes it very special to me.

Working and living wise it was a big challenge to be completely out of my comfort zone. 7 weeks is a long time to explore a foreign world. For me the most impressing part was to be this far from home and the world I know. It was amazing to meet these interesting and kind people and gain an insight into their culture. And it was also challenging to travel through the rainforest with all my camera equipment. I’m still surprised that nothing got damaged.”

Your work also focuses yoga festivals, conferences and portraits and I’ve read that visiting The Groove Yoga Festival in Goa, India was a dream come true. Suppose that yoga is your passion outside the work? 

Hanna: “I’m practicing yoga for over ten years now. That’s why the festivals are always a big source of inspiration for me and open my eyes for new things. Yoga is so much more than what I’ve expected at first. Meeting new teachers, styles and people is consistently life-enhancing. It’s also a great way to combine my two passions.”

Your favorite photo you have shot recently and a story behind it?

Hanna: “It was during my journey through Ecuador. I was taking portrait-pictures of the families, who got the solar systems. There was this cute little girl on the arms of her grandmother, who was very shy. I shot the photo briefly before a very heavy rain shower. In the picture she is wearing the traditional feather adornments from the indigenous peoples.”

Your advice to folks who want to get into photography but maybe can’t afford equipment?

Hanna: “It’s not all about the best camera or the most expensive lens. I shot some of my favorite pictures (for example during my holidays) with my cell phone. If you know a lot about lighting and image positions, that’s more important for getting good pictures than simply having the technical knowledge.

For me pictures are all about the soul and emotions behind them. The technical aspect is a necessary evil to me. Nowadays the camera technology is so good, that you don’t have to buy the most expensive products to take quality pictures. With a little bit of practice you can even get great results with compact cameras and cell phones.”


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