The Hippie Trail (aka The Overland) is the term used by the hippie subculture from the mid 50s for the journey between Europe and south (southeast) Asia with the goal of spending winter or even a whole year in places like Goa in India, Kathmandu in Nepal,  Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand or Gili Islands in Indonesia.

The route usually started in London or Amsterdam, Copenhagen and then continued with Brussels, (sometimes Frankfurt) Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Sofia before entering Turkey and continuing further east.

Things have changed since that time, and although the hippie trail went to history, today we experience pretty similar stuff with the rise of popularity of budget and adventure traveling.

Now you have more opportunities to explore the same things hippie generation experienced including the wildest adventure trekking in let’s say India, jungle expeditions or yoga festivals in almost every corner of the globe.

You can travel faster, cheaper and more adventurous than ever before.

The only question is: what are you waiting for?

Here’s a few recommended hippie-like places for you to visit in Europe:

Samothraki Island and Parisena Beach in Greece.

In fact, a whole list of places in Greece, including Crete Island’s Matala,

or one awesome festival in Croatia and its amazing stage powered by solar energy called Solaris where folks every evening come to watch and enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets in Croatia.

If you’re into festivals, also check out these ones – and before you start exploring festivals you’ll find on the list – pls read recommendations in the beginning of the article.