Free-Spirited Escapism: MEADOWS IN THE MOUNTAINS 2024



Set in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of the Rhodope Mountains, 850 meters above sea-level, in the Bulgarian village of Polkovnik Serafimovo (quite close to the Greek border), Meadows in the Mountains Festival is a 4-day live acts event that gathers performers, DJs and visitors from around the globe.

This absolutely amazing festival thrives on inclusiveness, cultural, artistic and musical diversity; supports an underground art culture and an eclectic mix of talent. It’s a family run event and relatively an intimate gathering – actually “the brainchild of one of the Sasse brothers who formulated the idea during regular visits to their parents’ retired home in Bulgaria. Damian Sasse spent the 90’s immersed in the rave scene, his summers working in Ibiza and experiencing some of the most iconic DJ sets and monumental after parties of that time.

Damian and his brother Benji invited 50 of their best friends who were all DJs, producers, promoters, musicians and dance music aficionados to make the trip from the UK to the remote Bulgarian mountain-top. They spent 3 days spinning vinyl and only stopping to fill up the petrol generator. Since then the festival has built up an international following – crowds gather from all corners of Europe, to the US, Australia and beyond.”


Meadows is an environmentally conscious festival that stands by the “leave no trace” policy, meaning that the whole site is constructed from local timber leaving the minimal carbon footprint. Materials are all recyclable and food comes from the locals living in the village where the festival takes place.

Yoga, meditation, educational talks

Meadows is also home to spirituality and workshops, educational talks, and during the festival you can practice yoga, meditation classes, cacao ceremonies, healing and more.


You’ll stay in the traditional Bulgarian family homes, with home-cooked meals and amazing hospitality. But if you wanna be closer to the festival, there are also camping facilities available – located right next to the festival site.


When: June 06-10, 2024

Where: Polkovnik Serafimovo village, Bulgaria

Why: “Meadows is all about intimacy, atmosphere, diversity, culture and community. We strive to provide a platform for up and coming unsigned acts/DJs, curating our line-up this way rather than cramming the list with headliners” – Benjamin Sasse, Co-Founder

Atmosphere from previous editions:

Photos: © Aron Klein / Meadows in the Mountains; thx to Anna Wall