If this is your first time visiting Europe, or your plan is to spend this summer in Barcelona, Rome or maybe Paris – finding budget-friendly rooms/apartments can really be a tricky thing… Especially when there’s a jungle of options on the Internet.

But don’t worry guys, got your back.


Nestpick “scans thousands of apartments across a wide range of partner websites to make sure you get the best selection of furnished apartments on the Internet.” They have apartments in all major cities in Europe and offer the fastest search cause in just a few clicks you are able to compare thousands of flats and find the one that fits you the most.


Type in your dream destination (let’s say it’s Berlin)

And once you’re in, apply filters to get the best possible deal:

Now check out your results (clicking on the results will redirect you to one of Nestpick partners, so you can book your apartment there)…and that’s it!


No fees here.

Nestpick Website


“SpotAHome is the first platform designed for direct booking of accommodation of more than one month, taking away one of the biggest headaches for people planning to move abroad.” (source)

The website offers accurate property descriptions followed by photos and a video of the property (which is cool when you have options to see how the apartment and your future room will look like) and all this is displayed in several languages – including English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.


In three easy steps: search for personally checked properties, choose the apartment you like the most, book it with the help of their agents.


There are three paying methods: via Paypal, Credit or Debit Card and via Bank Transfer. Booking fees: “The Spotahome booking fee is a one time fee calculated based on the length of your stay and the price of the rental month. You can try booking a room/flat by selecting the dates, and pressing “book now”, it will show you the exact amount.” (source)

Example: Let’s say you find an apartment room in Valencia for one month and the first month’s rent price is 150 euro (and you can find even cheaper rooms than that 😉 ) – the fee on top of the rent is 95 euro meaning that the full monthly price for that room is 245. But just to be sure – don’t forget to check out all the information posted about the property – like bills included (in this example, bills included are electricity, water, wi-fi and Council Tax), apartment features, details (property type, floor, utilities limit etc.), transportation info and landlord policies (does he/she speaks English, lives in property, deposit (example: 1 month’s rent), payment method and a minimum stay policy (example: at least 4 months).

So, yes, there are things to keep an eye on, but all you gotta do is to make a detailed research (read carefully) and you’ll most likely find a room in the ideal property in the place you’ve always wanted to live in.


(Click on the marker to find out more about the properties offered in the destination)


SpotAHome Website


I’ve mentioned this option when I posted tips on traveling across Europe for free; Workaway is, guys, awesome not just for finding a place to sleep – live (in return for working for a family or organization) with regular meals, but also for finding paid positions to help you to continue to fund your travels (especially if you’re a “full-time traveler”).


Workaway is “a database of families, individuals or organizations in an extensive range of different countries who have registered and are looking for volunteer help in a huge range of different fields. From painting to planting, building to babysitting and shopping to shearing, Workaway.info aims to introduce working travelers and language learners to likeminded hosts, without having to pay expensive agency fees. “ (source)


Its membership costs 34 euro/per year for a single person and 44 euro for a couple or two friends. But, you can always ask people to buy you this subscription for your birthday or for any other significant date/reason – and this will certainly give you a head start for your trip.

Workaway Website


How about switching homes? Sounds cool, right?

HomeExchange.com was founded by home exchange pioneer Ed Kushins in 1992 as a printed, mailed book, and in the meanwhile this awesome option has grown into a social network and one of the first businesses to adopt “collaborative consumption”. (source)

The idea is to connect like-minded travelers, help them travel anywhere, live like locals, and stay for free.


Three steps: list your apartment or your home so that Home Exchange community can see it, send and receive inquiries and exchange.


12 months – $150.

Home Exchange Website