Hammock. Beautiful red and yellow, blue and green hammock. Any kind of hammock.

There’s an island in Greece I’ve visited recently almost by accident.

Or it was destiny; I’m still not quite sure.

And this hammock I was thinking to buy or not became one of the best purchases of my (travel) life. Cause sometimes all you really need is hours and hours of doing nothing to figure out what your future moves should look like. And there’s no price you can label to that discovery.

I remember anxiety I brought to that place from the outside busy world determined by the amount of money, unfinished tasks and unachieved business goals, the peacefulness of the moment and the change that came with every single minute on that hammock.

A couple of hours of every single day I decided to do absolutely nothing.

Except to get lost in the stunning scenery of the nearby beach, waves and that almost invisible, thin line that separates the two kinds of blue… of all that shaky water and the always-changing sky.