Through the open window of my living room, I hear the horrible sounds of news bulletin coming from my neighbor’s TV. I’m resolving this contemporary crisis with turning my new favorite music on louder.


It’s crucially important, in reality that celebrates money and status, and the success measures in statistic numbers of followers and labels of material things you own, from time to time (or more often) find a way to escape from such circumstances. Dive yourself into an adventure made of comforting positive energy, and the fact that the outcome will not be exactly what you originally expected. Most likely even better than that.

And be it the crossing of the Danube bridge (the state border) on foot, hitchhiking on a hellish hot road, sharing the Bla Bla Car’s life experiences or short meaningful conversations with people of a similar view of the world and interests; the strength of the workshops, the fast-changing scenery of the music tunes of inspiring DJs and the coldish wet bed in your tent in the middle of the woods – if you learn how to release yourself into every single moment that you consciously or unconsciously chose, you have learned one of the most useful skills in life.

What is left is to be happy. Honestly happy. To be you.


…how to describe my experience at the Ekodrom Festival…?

Ekodrom Graphic: By Cec

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