Alternative Clubs in Belgrade? NO WORRIES…

Belgrade… In recent years, one of the most popular European party destinations that won’t disappoint you no matter what kind of fun you are looking for at any given time. It probably sounds like a cliche, but this place really lives 24/7.

And if you’re into alternative stuff, don’t you worry. With the help of my dear friend Maja and her guidance, Indie Voyager has compiled a (eventually growing) list of alternative, arty, jazzy, inspiring places, hidden gems you should visit in the Serbian capital. 


Just click on the pointer (the club’s location) and Google Maps will open in a separate window. But before you check a specific club, find out more about them in a series of short “About” info sections below the map. Or just visit them all.


Photo © Brodić na Savi

Brodić na Savi

“Nice place. You have to see the view of the bridge lit up at night. Really gorgeous!”

“It’s right across the Belgrade Fair buildings. If you don’t recognize a plate with the name “Brodic”, then try to recognize the floating object called “Bollywood” – “Brodic” is right next to it.”


Photo © Gavez


“A magical place where improvisation is stronger than the system.”


Photo © Strogi Centar

Strogi Centar

“Strict but just.”



“Smokey, claustophobic. But, that’s why it’s cool. If you’re into it.”


Photo © Chillton


“Only the best damn pub in Belgrade! Go. What are you wating for??”


Photo © Šikarica


“Located at the historical Skadarlija area, the club is the right spot for chilling and light clubbing. Popular prices.”


Photo © Perka


“I will dare to say that PERKA is the one of the best bars in this marvelous city , keeping the soul of true Belgrade.”


Photo © Magic Garden

Magic Garden

“One of Belgrade’s hidden gems. Pubby’s Magic Garden is located next to Pizzeria Trg, in the backyard of Staklenac building.”


Photo © Dorćol Platz

Dorćol Platz

“Magical place full of positive energy.”


Photo © Sinnerman


“Gorgeous view from the top of the building.”


Photo © Ulična Galerija

Ulična Galerija

“Make sure to include this unique location in your itinerary when visiting Belgrade; a bit of a hidden gem, Ulicna Galerija (Street Gallery) presents a unique way of reactivating an otherwise neglected urban space. You are bound to see some fantastic art, meet interesting people and leave inspired. If you can, try to catch an opening for the full experience!”


Photo © Knjigodrom Topolska 18

Knjigodrom Topolska 18

“Relaxed, peacefull place for chill & out! Love it!”