Dreams are proof that fantasies are one of the profoundest necessities for human life: SKOUNT ART

Driven by the fundamental desire to free his own mind, Skount’s creativity knows no bounds. With a background in streetart, his artistic expression also includes paint, paper, music and performance, all the way to video art, sculpture, and installation. Yet Skount always comes back to masks. Humans have used masks since ancient times for sacred rituals, as ornamentation, for performances and theatre. The mask disguises the identity of its wearer, and symbolizes the need to hide or repress a person’s desires, fears and concerns. Skount observes that everybody carries a mask, with it we conceal our identity and adopt a more socially acceptable image to get by day to day. But we can also choose the moments and people with whom we can reveal our true nature, and take off our masks.

Skount’s irrepressible curiosity for other cultures has inspired him to travel and study different forms of creativity and traditions around the world. He has worked and exhibited throughout Spain, Europe, Israel, Kuwait, Bali, China, Japan, Australia, Mexico and the United States.

“Dreams are not just a message (a coded message, at that), but also an aesthetic activity, a game of the imagination that has its own value. Dreams are proof that fantasies—emotional immersion in the visualization of events that have never and may never occur— are one of the profoundest necessities for human life…The characters that come from my imagination are my own possibilities, those that never came to bear, or those still on my horizon…”

Raúl Garcia Pereira, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, 1985, currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Skount. On Indie.

Mind Wrestling, mural, the eternal inner battle in the search for beauty, perfection, harmony and wisdom. A constant struggle of thought to find balance in ourselves.

Protection, Natural Cohesion and the Soul’s Messengers, mural, inspired by the legends of the X ts’unu’um (Hummingbird in Maya) and the relationship of the human with the nature and the celestial.

Cosmic Kiss, mural, inspired by Rembrandt´s painting (Isaac and Rebecca), illustration of two people in a marriage, transcending beyond physical in which both show their inner universe (in metaphorical sense), giving rise to a single universe that they share in a reciprocal manner.

Time Layers, mural, the layers generated by the passage of time in our inner selves and that are part of our identity.

Submerged in Comic Waters, mural, inspired by the importance of the water for the development of life on Earth and for our spiritual universe.

Color Projections: Duality, painting

Familiar Projections, painting

Implosion, Essence of a Memory, installation (worked together with The Visual Brothers), a break into subjective “Dutch” memories, which may or may be, some of the characteristics that determine the nature of an “entity”.

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