Yoga Mela is an annually held event – a meeting point of ecology and spirituality, where spirituality becomes earthly and ecology becomes divine.

2020 is the 6th year Yoga Mela crew is arranging the festival and it has become a great event in co-creation with all the international artists, teachers and fellow seekers – full of inspiration, meaningful togetherness and new learning towards a new humanity.

The festival is held at Divinya, with its classic castle setting and abundance of nature, it invites everyone to discover their true nature.

Yoga Mela is a vivid blend of Yoga, Sacred Music and life wisdom. An inspiration to be part of a living spirituality. The 8-day festival is both grounded and celestial – full of playfulness – allowing beautiful jewels of awakening consciousness to arise.


When: June 27 – July 04, 2020

Where: Divinya, Eslöv, Sweden

Why: Cause it’s a celebration full of authentic joy, devotion and freedom.

Atmosphere from previous editions:

Photos: © Yoga Mela Festival