Do you love the Earth, Life, and Humanity? Then You are a Resident of The Living Village Festival!

The Living Village is an experimental festival in The Netherlands – an experiential happening, a happy village and flow-town, aiming to bring into existence a new, clean and happy future; driven by awareness and consciousness, bringing together solutions and examples that can help humanity regain its sustainability and explore new ways of living and building communities together.

“Unlike most “festivals,” The Living Village Festival is not just a place you visit over a finite time period, each year. All proceeds from the festival are used to fund the eventual creation of a permanent Living Village, where a harmonious relationship between human beings and the world we inhabit can be sustained forever. It may sound like a dream, but with each ticket sold and each attendee reached, we get closer and closer to that reality. It’s the greatest gift we can leave for future generations and for the future of our collective earth.”

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When: July 15-19, 2020

Where: Dalfsen, The Netherlands

Why: Cause The Living Village Festival is celebration of collaboration between man and nature. A dream made into reality.

The vibe:

Photos: © The Living Village