Mystic Mountain is one of the best festivals I visited so far.

Alan Watts said in one of his speeches – In giving away the control, you got it. You got the kind of control you wanted. That’s to say where you had a loving relationship to the world, but didn’t have to make up your mind what it should do. You let it decide.

And these four sentences somehow sum up my whole experience in this little place called Baške Oštarije where Mystic Mountain 2019 took place.

Giving away of the control led to freedom. And happiness. And this new reality in which we all enjoyed every single moment of what we were given.

And we were given an amazing opportunity to share this spectacular connection between ourselves and breath-taking nature of the largest mountain range in Croatia.

Love… In its purest form.

Imperfection. That has to be celebrated in every single situation life takes us to.

Mysticism. Closeness. Admiration.

Hvala svima na odličnoj energiji na Mystic Mountain-u. I vidimo se neke sljedeće godine sigurno!

Note: the festival changed its location, and it’s equally spectacular. Find out where it’s located now here.

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