Here are all the alternative festivals cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak in Europe · LATEST UPDATES ·

Guys, here are the updates (last updated on August 17 – Mountain Music Fest) for the festivals from Indie Voyager’s List for 2020.

When it comes to festivals whose organizers are still in doubt what to do, keep following their websites and social media pages for the latest information… however, as you’ll see in the list below, most events for the 2020 festival season have already been cancelled and postponed to 2021.

Also, Indie Voyager will track all the changes and post it to our News page, so come back shortly to check out what’s happening.

Meadows in The Mountains

Original date: June 04-07

Status: Cancelled, postponed to 2021 – June 03-06

Agni Spirit

Original date: June 19-23

Status: No updates on whether or not the festival will be held this year. 

Berlin Yoga Conference:

Original date: June 19-21

Status: Cancelled

Mystic Mountain

Original date: June 22-28

Status: “Guuuuys, it’s official! It’s happening!! The magic goes on. Mystic Mountain is more than alive.

Arsenal Fest

Original date: Jun 24-27

Status: Arsenal 10 postponed to 2021; there will be various cultural program happenings over the summer, including some concerts, movie projections etc. but not festival like it was previous years

Yoga Mela

Original date: June 27 – July 04

Status: Cancelled, postponed to 2021


Original date: June 30 – July 05

Status: Cancelled

Natural Mystic

Original date: July 02-04

Status: “We are still hoping that we will be able to organize seventh edition of the only reggae music festival in The Republic of Serbia.”

Chamonix Yoga Festival

Original date: July 03-05

Status: Cancelled

Awake Dance Celebration

Original date: July 09-12

Status: On the website there are dates only for 2021, July 01-04, meaning most likely the festival is cancelled and postponed for next year. Their last FB post:

The Living Village

Original date: July 15-19

Status: Cancelled, postponed to 2021


Original date: July 16-19

Status: The festival will be held as originally planned.

Twelve OM Athens Yoga Festival

Original date: July 18-20

Status: Cancelled, postponed to 2021

Info from their official website: “In the light of the unprecedented times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the latest government legislation prohibiting large gatherings and festivals in Greece, we sadly announce the postponement of the TWELVE OM Athens International Yoga Festival for the summer of 2021. With the same enthusiasm, we move on planning the 2021 event. Stay tuned for more details. Until then, be safe and keep your spirit high!”

Escape The City Festival

Original date: July 22-26

Status: The smaller version of the festival will take place from July 22-24

Motovun Film Festival

Original date: July 28 – August 01

Status: The festival will be held, but from July 30 to August 01. Find out more on their FB event page here

Elysium Island

Original date: July 29 – August 02

Status: Rescheduled to 2021, and here’s more about it on their FB event page here

Dragon’s Quest

Original date: July 29 – August 02

Status: Cancelled, postponed for 2021

Fengaros Festival

Original date: July 30 – August 01

Status: Cancelled, postponed to 2021

Prestoso Fest

Original date: August 06-09

Status: Postponed to 2021


Original date: August 06-09


Udaya Live

Original date: August 12-17

Status: Postponed until August 18 – 23 2021

Information from their official website. Check it out here


Original date: August 12-16

Status: Cancelled, postponed to 2021

Château Perché

Original date: August 13-16

Status: “After careful consideration, we would rather not choose between making you dream and cancel. Even tho we were paving the way for an amazing edition welcoming incredible artists in a magnificent castle with extensive ethical and ecological strictnesses, with a pretty fun theme. We feel deeply sad knowing the Château Perché will not happen this year…”


Original date: August 14-16

Status: Cancelled


Original date: August 20-23

Status: Postponed to 2021

Mountain Music

Original date: August 21-22

Status: Postponed, still no new information about the new dates