I love to describe my music as a smooth, sweet and trippy cocktail: MEET DITTI

Trippy fruity cocktails, colors with meanings and feelings and love for the unusal sounds that often become parts of his songs, Ditti’s musical universe is unique, different and inspiring. He sees his songs as distinct colors, his outcomes are drinks, coctails of different vibes that you consume slowly, in a hedonistic kind of way… and you are instantly triggered to find out more about it…

It was a pleasure to chat with Vincent about his music, inspiration, how it all started for him and his exciting upcoming projects…

Ditti. And his amazing trippy fruity coctails. On Indie.

Can you tell us in your own words how would you describe your music? It’s all about the fruity, trippy coctails right?

Yes, I like to see my music as a colored and tasty Fruit Shake. First I have a synesthesia, so when I produce music – the synths, samples and textures I use – have different colors, and the more I can see the colors, the more I love it. So the final track is a sort of mix of these colors, just like a cocktail. For example, I see my track Aliest as a warm purple or Maa Fap as a strong magenta/red.

I also love the image of a recipe of different ingredients with a balanced repartition and how you use these ingredients to get a final product – as appetizing & tasty as possible. And in some cases, the preparation can be psychotropic, exactly as music. So yeah, I love to describe my music as a smooth, sweet and trippy Cocktail. And I hope that people who taste it will have a similar trip. 🙂

What got you into music in the first place?

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved imagining or creating music, in my head or on an old tape recorder. So when I was 8 or 9 I started recording my compositions (some kind of “Yogurt Language” inspired by The Platers or the Beatles that my parents were listening to at the time), then I discovered hip hop and started to write and record rap songs, but I had nothing interesting to say at this age (and unfortunately not a very nice flow too). After that I had Punk-Rock and Electro-rock bands, and I finally discovered the “Computer music”, allowing me to create complete songs just by myself. It was the start of an endless journey, as the possibilities became unlimited. No need to have a studio, it’s all about inspiration!

Inspiration. Where do you mostly get your inspiration from? Many musicians in this genre say nature is their main fuel of creativity along with the music episodes that over the years formed their present-day music taste… What about you?

Inspiration comes from many different ways: it can be just a sample that I want to dress, a synth that I love the texture of, an idea of a melody that pops up into my head during the day.. I love sounds that come from simply being alive: mellow, aqueous or warm sounds that maybe remind me of the period I spent in my mother’s belly. Also, I love when sounds which are not supposed to be part of a song become just that. You can take a crash noise, pitch it, and it becomes a melody; or sample a friction sound, warp it and it becomes a groovy drum sound. I often find the result interesting and surprising.

And finally I love to dig music from everywhere, from around the planet and introduce sampled elements such as instruments, vocals or rhythms into my music. Musical world is so rich and hybrid possibilities are infinite!

What’s next for you?

A lot of crazy things are going to happen soon! My next EP will be out with my label Curuba  by the end of June, and I also have some releases with other labels – alone or in collaboration. I also have a secret project with a musician I was admiring, who is now my friend. And I am launching a band with a Malian singer/dancer. This last project will be central for me, as it’s been a long time that I am looking for a musician/singer to play with, and the match with him has been like a musical “love at first sight”. I can’t wait to release the album and play with him on stage, this will be a real treat!

A few musicians/mixes you are listening to right now?

During the lockdown I have listened a lot of my old records, like the French Rap Band Fonky Family, or albums from Punky Rocky bands NOFX, Rancid or Box Car Racer. I guess it was the right time for some teenage nostalgia. I’m also digging the Russian crazy Band “Dvar” who produced one of the weirdest, funniest music I’ve been listening to lately. There is also the musician named Loya that released a podcast with our label, and have released an album with Menwar – a Maurician singer: basically on replay at my house for the past weeks.

And I cannot finish without mentioning the magical eclectic mixes of the lonely Soda Drinker Angelo Cruzman (big thumbs up to Shimon for the discovery), where I find each song is a gold nugget.



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