My Hungarian Love Affair

As I cycle home after a night of getting too drunk again, the shapes of Gellert Hill start to appear, with her orange streetlights between a foliage of fully grown trees, like she has a fur full of shiny thicks. 

She is an ancient beast, frozen in time on her way to get a drink from the Danube, forever doomed to lean over, just out of reach from the relief she so desperately desires.    

It was from her top that I got introduced to this city by a friend who showed me all the streets I was going to wander aimlessly. 

The lazy dates, only romantic because we walked up her back, the talks with friends who came and went, along with all the tourists, teenagers and young families… All but tickles in her fur.

I wish to her that one day she can shake away the lice and finally get that much-deserved drink of water.

I just hope that by then I will be in a place I happily call home. 

By Ramon Martensen

About the author:

Ramon Martensen was born in 1983 in the Netherlands, but he currently resides in Budapest, Hungary. His English short stories and poetry got published in several literary magazines, such as Better Than Starbucks, The Ozorian Prophet, and Karton. 

He regularly performs as an improvised Fairyteller by creating magical stories on the spot based on the objects that audience members provide him. He has a feature on the website of the Budapest based artists community called Painters Palace, for which he writes short stories inspired by paintings and other artwork. He also co-hosts a creative writing workshop for them.

His work explores themes like innocence, vulnerability, and connection.

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Featured photo: © Alexa Fermeglia