WHY DO I HIKE: Independent project & Award winning documentary

So, guys, I stumbled upon this documentary just a few days ago (it premiered on October 21, 2020 on YouTube), and was instantly hooked on the title… And I’m so glad I clicked on it.

“Why do I hike” is personal, and universal at the same time; explores profundity and connection of ourselves and nature in a series of amazingly put thoughts and stuningly beautiful landscapes… that take you on this insightful journey from the very first second. What you get is not a simple answer, but rather a deeper understanding of life summarized all throughout five chapters of this 23-minute long video treat.

A must-watch short documentary.

Here’s what the author, Nikola Horvat-Tesla says about how this whole project came about:

In summer of 2019. I went to hike Colorado Trail to find the reasons why do I hike. This was independent project and the movie was filmed, edited and written by myself. It was challenging to carry all of video equipment in my backpack, but I had a vision and a goal – I wanted to capture my inner reasons why I do hike and why do I always go back to long distance hiking. (source)

The documentary won 3 grand prix awards plus was once a finalist and official selection on various film festivals.

One more thing: before you watch the documentary, don’t forget to check out Nikola’s FB page and his website where you’ll find more information about the trails, documentaries & adventures. Also, there are more documetaries made by Nikola, and you can find them all on his YouTube channel here

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