CANVA TUTORIAL: How To Make Amazing Looking Facebook Post Banners With Canva

So, the example I made will maybe/probably look crazy to you, but… I mean, you’ve just landed to, so let’s be honest – you didn’t expect to find tutorials here in the first place. lol But, let’s do it:

How to make a discount Facebook post in Canva:

Step 1: it’s all about layering. Making great designs in Canva is often a matter of using enough elements that you’ll combine properly to get a great final result. For the following example:

…I used really a lot of different elements:


Step 2: How to find the elements used in this example? For most of them, just go to the Canva side panel (left), choose Elements tab and type in what you are looking for (for example: clouds, grass or hand). For the sale circle, you can find the exact same one I used by typing in clean sun, and for the element in the center, typing in gradient will do the job.

Step 3: Make your caption stands out. Once you’ve chosen the fonts you like and entered your caption, click on the text you would like to add effects to:

…then click on Effects tab, and choose Lift.

Step 4: you won’t find all the elements used in this example for free in Canva. That’s why, go to, the source of really amazing free images, illustrations and videos and once you find the ones you like, go to the Uploads tab in the side panel, import those and use them in your design.

Step 5: every banner you make can also become an animated video. So, you finished your design, and all what’s left to do it to click the Animate tab:

…and choose which animation you’d like to apply to your banner:

I chose Pan, so the final result looks something like this:


And that’s basically it.

Fonts used in this example are Roboto, Poppins and LL Baguio (for the number 50).