How to make really cool videos in Canva: FREE ONLINE VIDEO MAKER TUTORIAL

Here’s my example:

Yes. Make a difference.

Here’s the thing, guys. I added music later on in some really basic editing program… but everything you see is made in Canva. OK? Let’s go:

The video size you see here is actually for twitter (1600x900px), cause my idea was to make a short video for twitter. Why twitter, you ask… And tbh – I have no idea.

Enough joking. Let’s cut to the chase: I already mentioned (probably twice) how important is layering in making great looking banners in Canva. The same applies for videos. The more elements you use in one slide, the overall result will look better (but also don’t go too crazy with this number).

Let’s take a look at one of the slides used for this video:

Start with an image containter that you’ll put in the background. The Globe footage is actually taken from Pixabay (really amazing source of free video material – but you can find awesome videos in Canva as well, especially if you’re using Canva PRO). I limited it to 5 seconds.

At the bottom is a gradient line, cause without it – the slide looks just unfinished to me. The blue box next to Inspo is another image container and I’ll return to that part in a minute. The finishing touch for this intro slide is, of course, the title of the slide. I used the word Inspo, for the similar reasons I decided this video will specifically be made for twitter.

The Blue box containter thing: go create another (separate) design (I recommend the one for Instagram post, which is 1080x1080px) that you’ll use throughout the video as your animated logo. I again used the video material from Pixabay for the background in the first slide, white background with ZI TV in color for the second slide… The result is a changing background animated logo, so after downloading it, go ahead and import and place it into the blue box container thing in the first design.

Important: if you limited the Globe video to 5 sec duration, then definitely limit the logo animation to 5 seconds as well. Otherwise, the result will look messy.

(to limit duration of this blue box – logo – video you just imported and placed into the containter, click on it (as seen in this screenshot), and go click on the scissors image and then just limit the video duration of the logo footage to 5 seconds).

And… Just repeat the process for every slide, and voilà, the video is finished. Yes, it takes time to get it all done, but don’t forget that every video you make is actually a template, meaning that you can use it over and over again with different captions and different videos in it, making it a great option if you need to work fast and post these kinds of videos often.