THIS IS ME. Welcome to Indie Voyager.

I’m consuming a lot of popular culture lately. YouTube videos, articles, social media. It’s like I’m up to date with everything that is happening, and yet I’m living in a parallel universe. No matter how hard I try, I’m just not the person that does the things just for likes and clicks and material reward even though I’m all into learning and trying, figuring out how things work in this weird cosmos of true falseness you find everywhere you look.

It’s safe to say that I got lost.

More precisely, I let myself get lost. And I think I’m enjoying it.

So, who am I?

It’s 2021, this is the first article on Indie Voyager this year, I’m in my late 30s, I still haven’t even passed driver’s test yet, my English is far from perfect, I’m relatively poor (in material things), renting a small noisy apartment right next to the highway, I’m business-wise pretty unsuccessful and almost always when I look at the mirror, all I see is me.

I used to see a perception of me when I was younger, things I wanted to see, I guess. The perception of being someone else instead of letting me see all the flaws and imperfections that make me a unique individual I’m now beginning to embrace. I’m grateful for that. It took me a while, but I’m regretting nothing. It’s such a privilege, I think, to be able to address myself today with honesty.


So, since we most likely never met… and all I wanted to achieve with this article is to finally introduce myself on this website I created… you’ll recognize me by wearing hats all the time, a smile and my genuine interest in what’s your story. I’m wearing hats, btw, for surely like 15+ yrs, and since people are confused why I do that: it started without any intention to be something special, or different. It actually regularly started with the hat my good friend who moved to Canada gave me right before moving. It slowly became part of my personality. And I identify with it on a different level that I don’t even feel a need to explain it. It’s just my thing.

And who knows, if I feel like it, I might burn them down soon. All of them. lol

I’m also Serbian and Croatian at the same time. I lived in both countries and I love the culture, the people (the food!) and all the amazing things both countries have to offer.

Indie Voyager is something I dreamt about years ago (2014), and the next morning bought the domain. I have no idea what future holds for it, and I don’t care too much about it tbh. I try to live in a moment without making too many plans.

Anyways, I’m so glad to see you guys coming to Indie. and hope you find this website useful!

Peace guys!