Home to One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia

I love everything about Dugi Otok (Long Island in Croatian). It’s one of the most beautiful out of North Dalmatian islands, and it’s home to Sakarun, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

And the ride, from one side of the island to another – spectacular experience… You just can’t get enough of the views…

And the smells, the herbs, the cuisine, the variety of sports you can try out here (including cycling, climbing, diving and hiking)… Do you remember of my last sentence from the “Panoramic Road Trip Through Croatia” article that goes:

The last third takes you to Dalmatia, along the Zrmanja river, then Krka river and Krka National Park all the way to the city of Šibenik. From there: have an amazing time exploring magical Dalmatia!” 

Dugi Otok is a perfect destination to follow 😉