On August 18, 2014 I woke up pretty late. Probably at 11am.

And all I heard was a distant noise from the next room, I guess news saying about all the shitty things happened that day. You know, the usual negative media things with the goal to make you think that the world will collapse in a matter of hours. And in all that crap, there was one sentence that lighted up my morning…

“Today is the 45th anniversary of the legendary Woodstock Festival.”

Sometimes… Just one phrase can give you an extra push to keep going. One in a million of unimportant ones. The one that resonates with your whole being on so many levels…

What happened to the hippie movement in the 21st century? What happened to guys who changed the course of our history? What happened to necessity to fight for things we should all believe in? What happened to peace? Love? Mutual genuine understanding?

What, guys, happened to all the alternative folks in this mainstream world created by both conventional and new media?

In a time when you have so many opportunities, for some reason only commercial stories pop up from every single media we use today, leaving so little space or practically no space at all for indie/alternative folks who have the power to make a change…

The guys who didn’t hire marketers to sell their product. The guys who are creating something just because they believe in creating things.

No matter where they live and will they ever make a living out of it.

Welcome to Indie Voyager!