How to make a gross looking lamp that is actually a synonym for awesome time spent in one of the weirdest apartments I have ever lived in? Excellent question, so let’s jump to the thing immediately:

Take a stand that looks like it can be used for making a lamp; 10 sheets of paper, dip them in water mixed with the beet juice, some colorful spices and while the paper is wet, apply it on “the lamp stand”.
Please don’t use light bulbs for this spectacular invention as who knows what might happen.
Now, invite your friends over, their friends, street artists, Couchsurfing folks and local live bands to sign “the lamp” with their names, their thoughts and other random things.

Upgraded experience:

Buy (borrow) a non-working TV and place your favorite vinyl on top of it, make a strange looking board out of polystyrene; rent an apartment in the old part of the town, decorate it with unusual musical instruments, statues and paintings you’ll ask people to give you for your birthday and other important dates and make unforgettable parties that every single visitor will remember with a huge smile.

 “Guys… You’re crazy as hell…!”