Huge and Brightly Orange

It’s 9pm, I’m standing by the jewelry stand in Therma; the moon is huge and brightly orange, illuminating hundreds of folks sitting in the village square and playing African rhythm drums; Jorgos is telling me something about the Fonias waterfalls I visited the day before while tens of uniquely, alternative and hippie dressed guys are walking up and down this jewelry alley…

It looks and feels like a movie scene. A good one. Not that crappy Hollywood work with the goal to sell anything just to get shitloads of money.

This is definitely more like early Scorsese’s work. Perhaps 1970’s Woodstock documentary with Samothraki Island in the leading role and all these alternatives just filling in the unforgettable scenes you’ll remember every single time you see any piece of jewelry. Or waterfalls. Or natural springs. Or you hear someone in your surrounding’s speaking Greek, playing μπουζούκι, talking about the spectacular nature of some healing place in the world you just have to visit in a lifetime.

Wanna support local artist from Thessaloniki who sells wooden artwork in Samothraki?

Check out all the things Ol’ Time Classic creates with wooden materials on the official FB page – here

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