Looking For Hippie Destinations in Greece?

When we went to Greece in search for hippie destinations a few years ago, we knew exactly where to go – we had a friend waiting for us in Crete, and we were amazed with the laid-back, hippie vibe and places we discovered across the island. But, yeah, we had a host waiting for us.

This last time was completely different.

The idea was to reach Thessaloniki (since the city (second biggest in Greece and really awesome destination to visit) has excellent connections to other parts of the country) and then ask local folks for hippie and alternative/chill destination tips. More of an adventurous trip, without knowing what we will find and discover along the road.

This happened to be really awesome decision.

So, three of these we checked out, Samothraki, Parisena Beach (Pelion Mountain), Crete, and all the other destinations on this map are tips of the locals: (discover each one by a simple mouse hover)

+ “many places in South Crete (that of south Rethymno or south Chania) or the Aegean part of Pelion mountain.”