One of the best contemporary theatre festivals from SE Europe opens its doors this year November 23-30, in Subotica, Serbia and it’s really a must-visit festival experience for all theatre/art lovers… 

So, what is Desiré all about? In their own words: “It’s a long-cherished desire; an international regional contemporary theatre festival organised by the Dezső Kosztolányi Theatre in Subotica/Serbia.

It presents progressive, in its artistic expression and content innovative art.

It shows Subotica and the festival programme in the contexts of their European identity, without putting aside the stereotyped fact that it happens right on the border line between the Balkans and Europe, in a multi-ethnic environment.

Since the Dezső Kosztolányi Theatre is a Hungarian-language theatre, in selecting the productions, special attention is devoted to the ones coming from Hungary.  The festival was named after the artistic nickname of Dezső Kosztolányi who was one of the most exciting, most European representative of the 20th century Hungarian literature. Desiré Central Station is a new, central, cultural platform, where the centre is not the capital city. It has the aim to grow into a regional centre of contemporary arts and theatre, and last but not least, it flirts with the state’s cultural decentralisation principle.” (source)

When: November 23-30, 2019

Where: Subotica, Serbia

Website Programme

photo: Matej Povše / DCS FB page

photo: Desiré Central Station

photo by Róbert Révész

Cover photo © Desiré Central Station Festival