An artist who is not only awakening the face of the city in forms of colorful stencils, but offering mighty, powerful, important and yet poetic statements in her street art pieces, and a genuine, true art expression.

TKV Fairy Queen – street artist born in Belgrade, engaged in street art since 2004, participated in lots of solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. On Indie.

How you’d describe the concept of your work and how you’re choosing which historical or movie heroine you’re going to work on?

Graffiti is the type of art that allows you to push your boundaries, to experiment and free yourself from the conventional approach to art. Freedom of expression and calming back public space is what it boils down to. City influence you and you influence the city.

I pick subjects for my artwork sometimes because they are important to me (or he/she was important to the world) in some way, but most of the time I just want to trigger certain emotion or atmosphere. Once artwork is in public space it lives life of its own and it’s free for interpretation.

Do you think street art can be an effective force of change in society?

Art is necessary for every society to reflect itself. It is the force that shapes our kind and gives to it a deeper meaning. Although some in Serbian society think that art is something that should be last on the list, I think that if you take out art and culture from everyday life and education you get that type of poverty that affects the soul. And from that kind of poor mindset you can’t have any change. So yes, art is essential for changing the society and it is the crucial point of change, resistance and rethinking ourselves.

Serbian graffiti scene?

Serbian graffiti scene is small but fruitful. It will need more time to grow even bigger. I remember the time when street art wasn’t so popular but you had people who were really pouring themselves into it. Today we need more of that type of enthusiasm. Can’t wait to see what will happen.

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Photos: © TKV