Zen Opuzen is a three-day street-art festival annually held in late June/early July in the town of Opuzen, in southern Croatia that you really have to check out in 2020!

With a mission to bring together all the residents of Opuzen but also Neretva river valley, this cool festival gives a chance to folks to express themselves through arts and culture; it works on protecting the rich natural and historical heritage and also gathers young and talented artists from various fields of art from other parts of Croatia and beyond – to share their vision on the walls or in the streets making the whole town to become basically an open gallery so that both the residents and guests can enjoy all the murals, graffiti and sculptures all year round.

They also organize theater performances, concerts, fairs, workshops for kids and many other activities ending the festival with a cycling tour of newly created pieces in order to promote sustainable living and to raise awareness about the ecological sensitivity and importance of the Neretva River Valley area – Croatia’s only river delta…

Where’s Opuzen?

This charming little town is located 12 kilometers upstream from the mouth of the river Neretva, in southern Dalmatia, some 85 km north of Dubrovnik. (For bus departures from Dubrovnik to Opuzen check out this link here).


When: Still TBA

Where: Opuzen, Croatia

Why: Cause it’s an awesome indie street-art festival located in the beautiful little town in the south of Croatia. Cause it cares about street-art, sustainability and historical heritage.


Photos kindly provided by the Zen Opuzen Team