By chatting with some friends and folks I met recently, I realized that lots of people don’t know about certain cool options that help you find the cheapest flight deals in Europe… So I decided to share these tips cause I’m sure that for those who will discover them for the first time – everything they knew about the affordable travel deals will instantly change.

The plan is to travel across Europe for the cheapest possible fares, right?

Follow the instructions:

  1. Go to Skyscanner – a leading global website for direct booking at the best prices.
  2. Enter a destination where you live or the nearest airport (example: From: Budapest) and leave “To” field empty.
  3. Click on the “Depart” date field, and when the pop up window appears, choose “Whole Month”.
  4. Then click on “Cheapest Month” and hit “Search Flights”… And that’s it!

The results are the cheapest flight deals to various European and world destinations. In my example, from Budapest, the cheapest deal is for Belgium, and the return ticket costs only €23. Click on it to get the destinations within Belgium you can flight to for the mentioned price. Let’s say you get Brussels. Click the “from €23” button and that’s basically it! Choose your dates and plan your adventures!

If you were thinking of visiting destinations in other parts of the world (and to some extent within Europe), you should definitely visit Secret Flying website – a team of passionate travelers who provide details to the most incredible flight deals.

These guys are not travel agents, basically they just divert you to reputable travel search companies and airlines where you can book the flight deal… And the deals they tend to find, are actually extremely affordable!

Check out their picks for flights from Europe here

Safe travels folks! 😉