So, yeah, each year people are traveling more and more, and tbh, I don’t even know what to think about it… I mean, it’s awesome to see people getting out of their “bubbles”, meeting different cultures and expanding their horizons, as long as they do it in an honest and realistic way… Definitely not a fake “social media feed” way most of us is really tired of seeing in every f… news outlet.

It’s like “American Beauty” became the manual on how to be “extremely” happy and live a “perfect life”.

Weird. And scary.

Really really scary.

For all you guys, who are still not influenced by this horrific trend of traveling just to make something out of it on social media, and after talking (in person – not on FB, twitter etc.) with folks from around Europe and my own experience, I’ve prepared a list of 5 awesome and alternative tourism destinations here in Europe you should definitely visit in 2018.

Please be responsible traveler. Respect destination. Respect local people and culture. Respect nature.

Top 5 destinations in Europe to visit this year:


Or in English – Samothrace. An island in the northern part of Aegean Sea in Greece. My spiritual home. Perfect getaway for hippies, nature lovers, hikers and adventurers.

I’ve spent in the forest in Samothraki almost three weeks and yesterday, for the first time after that I went to take a walk in the nearby forest… An amazing feeling… It’s kind of hard to describe it, but nature-loving folks will understand it…

When you spend some longer period of time camping, you bond with nature so much that modern civilization seems like another planet to say the least, or some parallel reality sci fi literature you’re reading just to entertain yourself.

Different perspectives.


This is the tip of the guy I’ve met this last summer – Bru – awesome Spanish guy – a teacher and this tip was actually his answer to my question: “If you’d recommend me just one place in Spain that I just have to visit, and it’s kind of arty, hippie, alternative, and yet attractive and must-see… Which one would it be?”

“Granada. And do it off-season.”


Serbia is surely among just a few still non-commercial travel destinations in Europe. And the same goes for its most northern town of Subotica.

Situated almost on the border with Hungary, this charming art nouveau town is not just beautiful, but different to any other place you’ll visit in Serbia. Its unique, genuinely artistic and chill vibe… Nearby lake… Tens of really cool festivals, including the horror-fantasy film or contemporary theater festival… Alternative music and social clubs…


This one is pretty famous. I know. But I have to quote Björk from the “Inside Björk” documentary I watched for the second time the other day (she’s explaining the influence Iceland had on her spectacular music):

“… this thing with a 22-hour daylight in the summer and darkness in the winter is absolutely normal. And icebergs and eruptions and no trees at all… It’s the way it should be.”

Think that’s pretty much enough to book a ticket to this spectacular country on the edge of the Arctic circle, right?

It’s an expensive destination, especially if you’re a budget traveler, or a person with limited budget (earnings), but I’m sure it’s a country worth saving your money for.


Last one is a small town located in the northwest of Slovenia, on the southern rim of Julian Alps, the terrace above the confluence of the Soca and Tolminka rivers…

You are welcome to visit this stunning place all year round, but if you’d ask me when is the best time to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the valley, I’d without hesitation recommend you July… During an amazing reggae music festival.


Check it out here

Safe travels, guys!