SONGS THAT MATTER: Is Manu Chao Bob Marley of Our Generation?

We live in a completely different world today, with different challenges, circumstances, realities, and yet, somehow, even though we are in the 21st century, stories and struggles Mr. Bobby transmitted to the world through his lyrics and songs sound so familiar.

With the Internet and unlimited opportunities to put our thoughts, music and art out there in a split of a second, we actually somehow narrowed down our relationship with profound authors who have something meaningful to say… Cause you have to dig deeper and deeper just to avoid those trending and money-click-driven artists.

The guys whose goal is not to share something that will potentially change our world for the better, but celebrate their own appearance and status. They are stars… of their own world that has nothing to do with reality. With regular individuals like you and me or our collective future.

José-Manuel Chao – Manu Chao – with his always current topics and common sense, if you think about it, is doing same things Mr. Bobby did in his time, with his music. And more than ever, in this chaos of everything and anything that you have opportunity to listen to online, we need music that speaks to the masses in forms of relatable struggles, hope and visions for brighter future.

Songs like Seeds of Freedom are voices of our generation. The generation that in this jungle of seemingly equal opportunities stayed almost silent. Not because most of us didn’t have something to say… It’s because, apparently, “our individual/group reach” (or whatever) isn’t strong enough, because of xyz reasons…

Is Manu Chao Bob Marley of our generation?

For the record – I’m not saying he is. I only raised the question.

The song and whole movement around it “are dedicated to the struggle against destructive agriculture. Chemical intensive forms of production pollute the environment, accelerate biodiversity loss and massively contribute to the death of soils and the global warming. THERE IS ANOTHER WAY: MILLIONS OF PEOPLE FIGHT FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE!!!!” (source)


Seeds of Freedom on YouTube

Opinions in this article are personal views of the author, created in the spirit of supporting genuine, meaningful and inspiring art and music.