Reconnect People With Themselves, Nature and With One Another: YOGA DEL MAR SPIRIT FESTIVAL

Yoga del Mar, an island yoga studio, located right by the sea, is about to raise awareness through their Festival providing conservation, protection and regeneration of land and sea in the Mediterranean.

With the Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival and its theme “union”, their vision is to reconnect people with themselves, with nature and with one another.

The Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival Mallorca is a positive wave of hope and change, and they will support the Cleanwave Foundation and the project MedGardens.

Everyone can take actions small and big ones to make a difference.

Yoga del Mar


The festival is located in the middle of the Sierra Tramuntana mountain range, an Unesco World Heritage Site.

The festival space at the Agroturismo “Can Torna” in Esporles is only a 20min drive from Palma or the airport. It is surrounded by nature with a wide view, lush green, free land, a peaceful vibe, an open space yoga shala with wooden floor, and a lot of space for creativity, dance and movement. The Agroturismo Can Torna is a family-owned place, that has been there over generations with a typical mallorquin finca, with a few rooms with the option to rent. At the Festival they provide the experience of luxurious camping in special glamping tents with mattresses, jute carpet, and light.

The land around Can Torna in Esporles offers a wide range of species of flora and fauna, “which enthusiastically is being taken care of producing honey, a vegetable garden, fruits and herbs, all of which nourish ourselves and our spirits.”


Since the Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival Mallorca is about connection, with yourself, with others and with the nature around you, the organizers will have well-known artists and teachers at the festival who share the spirit of union, such as SAM GARRETT, MOSE, KEVIN JAMES CARROLL, DAVID LUREY, KRISHNATAKIS and many others. They also offer a platform to international teachers and artists who live on the island, work there and share their talents with others.

When: September 21-24, 2023

Where: Agroturismo “Can Torna” in Esporles, Mallorca, Spain

Why: Cause everyone can take actions small and big ones to make a difference.

Photos kindly provided by Nina Schweser, © Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival