Almost precisely one year ago I’ve discovered Seasplash Festival – the long lasting Croatian summer, open air, dance and lifestyle festival; a home to the best of regional and worldwide artists that takes place in a beautiful Punta Christo fortress in Istria and I was blown away…

I mean, who wouldn’t?! Check out this spectacular atmosphere here

So, yeah, the only logical thing to do was to return. And I did. And it was awesome again!


14th Seasplash, labeled as The SoundSystem Edition with its 5 music and one movie stage (Filmsplash), daily programmes on the beach, camping and positive vibes once again filled all expectations.

The soundsystem culture, for those who didn’t know this, originated from Jamaica, in the 50s, in the ghettos of Kingston and was brought to the UK with immigration of Jamaicans in the 60s and the 70s from where it spread to all over the world.

DJs would usually load up a truck with huge speakers, a generator and turntables; set up street parties and in the beginning, they usually played American rhythm and blues. As time progressed, the sound migrated to more local “vibes” and by the mid 50s soundsystem artists were more popular than live musicians… The time when Jamaica’s first superstar DJ and MC Count Machuki became hugely popular.

Seasplash, as one of the festivals in the region that among the first started promoting this musical (and lifestyle) culture, was, trust me, a perfect place to dive into another universe with a dozen of heavy soundsystems they hosted this year along with legendary Don Letts – a DJ, radio host and a musician who in the 80s with Mick Jones from the Clash formed Big Audio Dynamite.


During the festival, the Greenpeace activists provided phone charging, internet hotspot and ice for hot drinks – powered only by solar energy – their contribution to promotion of renewable energy sources and every visitor had an opportunity to support them through signing a petition for implementing greener solutions, especially the ones linked to the Adriatic.


After dope cooperation last year, Goulash Disko was again at Seasplash, this time in a different format. Gulash’s crew was warming up the atmosphere for the night program in Thursday and Saturday and it was amazing to listen to and see these guys again!

And here’s one tip if you’re are planning to take a vacation in September, and you’re searching for an awesome combo of destination and great festival: go visit Goulash Disko!

September 07-10, Vis Island, Croatia and you can find more information about the festival on their official website:!


Finally… The atmosphere…

Well, you gotta visit the festival, and you’ll precisely know what I’m referring to when I say it’s spectacular.

Until then, and Seasplash 2017, I give you my wicked, indie point of view of

And signs.

Seasplash 2016 is maybe over.

But the vibe lives on!