Ekodrom Festival is a four day-long companionship in nature – sharing knowledge and skills, enjoying music and dance, creating a society of active people, on local and global scale, protecting the environment and natural resources.

Through the synergy of rural and urban aspects of life, Ekodrom Festival promotes important but neglected values as well as culture based on togetherness, tolerance and appreciating differences.

Location & Camping

The Festival takes place on a village estate in Bukovica Utinjska. The estate comprises of a few objects that enclose the yard and in that way create the center of festival activities, and the main stage is set there. Some workshops and lectures are located in surrounding woods and meadows. The camping site is located only 2 minutes of walk from the yard and is situated in a beautiful hornbeam forest.

Getting there

If you are coming by car

In Karlovac, take the old state road to Split. After 14 km, in Tušilović, turn left to Vojnić. After 8 km, in Živković Kosa turn left to Bukovica (there is a panel with direction to Bukovica on the road). After 2km, you will notice a small graveyard on the right side. After the graveyard, turn right on the first macadam road (there is a panel with direction to Ekodrom estate) and drive to festival parking lot. Please leave your cars only at the marked parking places, for the safety of visitors and to provide free access for organizational vehicles.

If you are coming by bus

The bus route is Zagreb-Karlovac-Tušilović-Živković Kosa. The festival site is 4 km from Živković Kosa (50 minutes of walking). There is no local transport but you can always hitchhike that part of the route.


Carpentry, gardening, photography, yoga, juggling, massage, hula hoop etc.

When: This festival, unfortunately, no longer exits. But definitely check out Ekodrom Estate!

Where: Bukovica Utinjska, Croatia

Why: It’s one of the best festivals of its kind in this part of Europe. Amazing location, awesome live acts program, workshops…


Photos: © Ekodrom Festival; thx to Marko from the Ekodrom Festival Team