If there’s a goal to accomplish something with this website, it is definitely to promote indie and alternative artists. Stories, trails and pieces that weren’t made with thinking about money or success or number of retweets, likes or whatever, but stories of truly non-commercial guys who live their lives as they feel they should.

In art, in a genuine and true art – nothing exists but the art. And we can agree on some other things or not, but when it comes to the expression of human creative skills and imagination, this is the only truth.

Cause art is not marketing. Nor a popular culture made only for entertaining a group of people for ridiculous amounts of money.

It’s hidden in the souls of wanderers and hearts of indie voyagers who are able to tell you a story that will blow your mind. Or show you visually spectacular movies. Paintings. Meaningful books and novels. Inspiring and important graffiti art. Their unique understanding of the world that surrounds us all.

And we… We are still supporting a dozen of highly commercialized “artists” who took over all media while doing same old mistakes people did before us.

The underground culture is probably stronger than ever before and it still seems that there’s no enough space for these guys on TV and radio shows, in magazines and throughout the social media. Cause we are only into shocking and sensational news, lyrics and mind-offending performances.

What’s actually the point of having social media when we don’t support every single emerging artist so they all can make a living of their art and make new pyramids, Eiffel towers, “The Screams”, “The Soft Parades” and every single hand-crafted thing you’ve seen on the street and then passed by like nothing happened?

Welcome to “the medieval period” of the 21st century.

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