Fun fact: This place changed its name for 200 times. 

Three official languages, awesome arty festivals, bike friendly attitude, alternative and indie music band sounds, unique architecture; beautiful nearby lake and I’ve just opened the door to the city you have never probably heard of before.

And if you’re going from central Europe heading Greece for summer vacation, for example, you’ll most likely pass by not knowing such place even exits.



Avant-garde artists believed that industrial development leads to annihilation of beauty and that art should be introduced into everyday life, in accordance with vernacular architecture and tradition and usage of local materials. In search of unique characteristics, studying folklore art and vernacular architecture introduced a specific architectural language that’s making this place look absolutely beautiful.


Of the dishes with origins in the German, Turkish, Hungarian and other cuisine; progressive, in its artistic expression and content innovative art theater festival;  European Film Festival that takes place in the amphitheater in the woods right next to the beautiful lake that attracts visitors for hundreds of years, and youth initiative seen through the active alternative café scene in the form of let’s say crazy awesome looking old house music studio, or gallery club with exhibitions and homemade wine offer while you’re listening to live jazz.

So guys, welcome to Subotica.
*Photos by & Cec & Studio 11 & Klein & Indie Voyager