I will never forget one time my friend after a whole afternoon of listening to music and just chilling said out of nowhere: “What if someone invents a way to make videos and photos out of every single thing we felt and saw, exactly as we saw it with our own eyes and exactly as we felt that precise moment? Like extracting these tiny parts of your memory into reality?”


Last night I got back home from a short trip to Budapest that went so amazingly. Starting with hitchhiking almost 200km in just three rides and meeting awesome and interesting and beautiful people, getting out on the highway just 200 meters away from the bus station to Budapest suburbs, catching the tram in the last moment and arriving after just 4 hours we decided we will do this in an adventurous way.

Meeting our dear friend who organized a party and invited his Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish, Mexican and Portuguese friends; every single beer we tasted, every story, every place, every dance move we made till the sunrise…

The purest form of freedom.


I haven’t made a single photo on this trip but I can promise you one thing. If someone invents methods of extraction of our memories into reality, you’ll find it all here. And it’ll look amazing.



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A38 Hajó


Shantee House – Happy shared rooms, colorful private rooms, camp in the garden & magical Mongolian Yurt for the hot summer nights surrounded by a mini bamboo forest, Shantee House is a true meeting point of backpackers and travelers…

“Our focus is to provide a cozy and tranquil atmosphere to make you feel at home. Whether you are travelling alone – are young or old, with family or friends, groups or students for long term stay – we are warmly welcoming you to our little paradise in the city. Our spacious and colorful house with lovely zen garden gives a unique and joyful experience.”



* Photo Credits: Telep, Szimpla, Shantee House & A38