It’s one of the most alternative places you’ll find in Budapest; an old factory converted into a huge open-air cinema and pub; a cultural reception space that organizes concerts, theatre shows and many other cultural events.Welcome to the amazing Szimpla Kert, guys!


Right from the beginning, Szimpla’s mission was to shape the environment, making it more livable and human friendly by searching for the cultural treasures of Hungary and the world, by introducing and managing creative talents and their products and by implementing and operating models that help sustainable development in many walks of life.


Besides promoting sustainable eating, probably one of the most popular markets provides an opportunity to non-profit organizations to raise funds and promote their activities and The Common Cauldron Project, that takes place at the market, has already raised more than 15 million HUF donations for non-profit organizations and associations.


The kitchen of Szimpla Kert has been using ingredients mostly from the farmers’ market since 2015, and it is worth mentioning that every bakery product seen on the tables is made without additives in their own bakery.


The ruin pub is the post-modern culture centre. You can visit at least three concerts for free weekly, and see both young talents and meet world-class musicians…

The main focus is actually on finding and helping young talents, which is why Szimpla started The Szimpla Lemming Program in 2013 – a program that has provided different forms of support to almost 40 bands.


At Szimpla Studio, many records have started their world-conquering journeys, and in Szimpla Kert, you can constantly see the exhibitions of contemporary artists on the rooms upstairs, or take part in art workshops; you can see theatre plays, theme based film screenings, join the Super8 screening club or the self-awareness disco.


Szimpla is also committed to non-formal study methods in several areas, and their association, the Élő Erzsébetvárosért Egyesület, is the coordinating organization of the Erasmus + project since 2014.


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So, once again, welcome to the amazing Szimpla – probably one of the best and most inspiring alternative lifestyle and art stories in Europe!

* Photos kindly provided by the Szimpla Kert Team