How to even start a story about Prague without being melancholic?

Libuše was the youngest and the wisest of three daughters (her sister Kazi was a healer and Teta was a magician) of the mythical Czech ruler Krok.

With the gift of seeing the future, she was chosen by her father as his successor, the queen, and according to the legend she came out on a rocky cliff high above the Vltava River and made a prophecy:

“I see a great city whose glory will touch the stars.”

Prague is indeed a special place in Europe. A place of exceptional beauty, best tasting crafted beers and an offbeat destination that momentarily gets under your skin. And trust me, stays there forever.

When I say offbeat, of course, I mean that Prague is home to the weirdly futuristic TV Tower, KGB Museum or Nuclear Bunker Tour – the background and stories from the communist time and an experience of how life looked like in communism during the cold-war period.

A place to see David Cerny’s sculptures and the Dancing House – the curve-lined glass tower “clutched against its more upright and formal partner led to it being christened the ‘Fred & Ginger’ building, after legendary dancing duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers”(source).

Prague, guys, is one of the most memorable European destinations you’re ever gonna visit…


Indie Voyager’s indie recommendations for Prague (Alternative Travel Guide Prague):



After he was murdered in December 1980, John Lennon became a (kind of) hero for many Czech youth and his image was painted on a wall along with some political graffiti and lyrics of the Beatles. Despite the constant efforts of the secret police to clean the wall, they actually never managed to keep it clean for long, so the Lennon Wall became a political focus of Prague youth and definitely an important piece of contemporary history of Prague.

After 1989, and after the fall of communism, the wall as a property of the Knights of Malta was repainted several times, but as soon as they would repaint it, it would get covered again with even more Lennon images & peace messages.

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Kokpit Café

Café Neustadt

Malkovich Bar


And this is just a few of great ones. You’ll probably find dozens of more. (And if you have suggestions on indie/alternative cool bars in Prague, share your valuable information in the comments below :).


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* Photo credits: Bars: Kokpit, Neustadt, Malkovich & Popocafepetl, Hostel: Elf & Indie Voyager