MAJA WENT TO BASEL and these are the places she recommends you to visit

Yes, and she spent on plane tickets 34 euros both ways (total amount). This is what you call a skilled budget traveler, no doubts.

So, this is one of many travel tips and recommendation articles to follow made by my dear friend Maja… A travel and art enthusiast and all around an amazing person to get your recommendations from for various destinations she visited here in Europe and beyond.

Now, she probably won’t agree with me on this part, but it’s true: this girl is your go-to source of information on everything regarding art and music. Many of the music tips already posted here on Indie Voyager are actually things she found in her amazing never-ending pursuit for quality sounds and artistic points of view.

The kind of girl who quits her 9-5 job and goes to play her accordion on the streets of Heraklion.

So, Maja went to Basel, Switzerland and these are the places she recommends you to visit (museums and one cafe – 1-2 day itinerary – just click or tap the pointer to visit the official website of the place):