A boutique festival situated at probably the most beautiful beach of the Adriatic Sea, near the Montenegrin city of Ulcinj; features hip and underground names, really diverse selection of jazz, funk, soul, house and disco – more than 40 acts on 3 festival stages – and it’s one of the coolest festivals this summer in Montenegro. And beyond. Without a doubt.

Held at the Dolcinium kite club on Copacabana (which is part of the Velika Plaza – the miles-long sandy beach — The New York Times included it in a ranking of top travel destinations for 2010), this small, super cool and indie 4-day event opens “its gates” this year on June 28…

Now, how to get there?

If you’re coming from the direction of Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro, probably the easiest way is to take a bus from Podgorica to Ulcinj. Just sit back and enjoy your ride through the amazingly beautiful Montenegrin scenery. (Book your bus tickets here.)

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When: June 28 – July 01, 2018

Where: Ulcinj, Montenegro

Why: cause it’s one of the best small festivals in the region located at one of the most beautiful Adriatic Sea beaches. And it focuses on jazz, funk, soul, house and disco music.


Photos: Ross Silcocs, Milovan Milenkovic / © Southern Soul Festival