All inclusive yoga event with 5 nights, 3 buffet meals a day and airport shuttle all included in the price of your ticket, located at the foot of the tallest mountain peak in the Balkans, the 4-star Hotel Rila is the flagship resort of the ski & mountain village of Borovets. Featuring newly renovated rooms, a world-class spa, indoor pool and hot tubs, gym, 3 restaurants, and a nightclub. Explore in nature and take the gondola up to 2140 meters to the marvelous peaks of the Rila Mountains.

From the massive main stage all the way to intimate workshops, some of the finest and most diverse yoga teachers & musicians, it’s an inspirational and authentic experience that is all about yoga, live music, meditation, dancing, swimming and community… And all this is taking place in the peak of next European summer festival season, August 18-23, 2021


When: August 18-23, 2021

Where: Borovets, Bulgaria

Why: Cause Udaya Live attracts an open minded and diverse, supportive, happy, healthy international community, where yogis learn from-and-with each other and people are committed to their practice.

Atmosphere from previous editions:

Photos kindly provided by the Udaya Live Team