Featuring ambient, house music, jazz, rock, techno, painting, yoga, light shows, mapping, dancing and acrobatics – Château Perché festival is a nomad multidisciplinary festival taking place every year in a new location, always at one of the most beautiful French castles…

The festivals is organized by Perchepolis; a match of the youth from Auvergne – middle region of France with Berlin; an outcome of the desire to highlight the architectural and historical heritage through an original and brand new perspective.

2018 edition

2018 Château Perché will take place at the wonderful Château d’Avrilly from Friday, 10th of August at 2pm, fading away on Sunday, 12th of August at 2pm with a four hours break at midday on Saturday.

Few big names, many talented artists

“Château Perché has become a meeting point for pioneers as Jack de Marseille, for alternatives as Teki Latex, or for young innovators as the British violonist Savaggio.”

Diversity and eclectism serve aesthetics in the artistic programming

Watch graffiti artists perform all around the castle on ephemeral structures; sculptors exhibit their oeuvres in galleries and gardens, short films or documentaries, tattooing, bodypainting, performances…


“Both indoors and outdoors, every particular scene inspires creation. New technologies and atypical material are put forward. Video DJ-ing goes along with musicians resulting with DJs designing outstanding frescoes evolving according to music.”

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When: August 10-12, 2018

Where: Château d’Avrilly

Why: Cause it’s an intense adventure, with 7 music stages…


Photos: © Rochette Vincent; thx to Vince De Boisdeffre