Featuring ambient, house music, jazz, rock, techno, painting, yoga, light shows, mapping, dancing and acrobatics – Château Perché is a nomad multidisciplinary festival taking place every year in a new, unique and spectacular location…

The festival is organized by Perchepolis; a match of the youth from Auvergne – middle region of France with Berlin; an outcome of the desire to highlight the architectural and historical heritage through an original and brand new perspective.

2020 edition


I am the Château Perché, I am an experience, and I am alive. I am ready, if you accept the idea, to set sail with you on the sweetest, the most intimate and the most poetic journey. Or, one could say, on the most majestic, most monstrous and most magical of convivial adventures. In any case, you and I shall experience something powerful together.

However, the success of this challenge demands an effort from both sides. We shall enter a pact with each other. Let us call it the “Elevation Pact”. As a festival, I undertake to ennoble the quality of your odyssey, dressed in your feathered costume. Thousands of my little hands and ingenious minds will have you experience the real sense of Gemütlichkeit. In order to do this, we have decided to return to a well-known place: I aspire to wisdom. But I shall never cease to surprise you. I shall unfold 12 scenes in the immense and exceptional Château d’Avrilly. Each realm of water, earth and vegetation will be the ephemeral host of arts in all genres. We shall open these spaces to magic, like the Sacred Poplar and the Faisanderie. I shall take pleasure in revealing to you ever more passionate artists, hailing from the four corners of the globe. Yet I shall tell you more of this another time.

As I live ethically, I propose to nourish you only with vegetarian meals, sourced in a way that respects our Blue Planet. I aim for Zero Waste, and in order to maximise your comfort, I propose cards pre-loaded with “Pez” and shall control the prices of food-sellers. Your camping site will be a place of happy encounters, with modern and comfortable facilities.

For your part, feathered creature, I would like you to act as the greatest Prince or Princess. You will live as in a fairy tale, with passion and respect for all the places and personalities involved in this party, starting with yourself. You will embrace the theme and invent the most beautiful costumes, banners and totems! Be creative, as you will be part of this artistic architecture, perpetually in motion. Be full of life and colour, as is the melody that sings within your soul.” (source)

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When: August 13-16, 2020

Where: Château d’Avrilly, France

Why: Cause it’s an intense adventure filled with ambient, house music, jazz, rock, techno, painting, yoga, light shows, mapping, dancing and acrobatics…

Atmosphere from previous editions:

Photos: © Rochette Vincent; thx to Vince De Boisdeffre