Featuring ambient, house music, jazz, rock, techno, painting, yoga, light shows, mapping, dancing and acrobatics – Château Perché is a nomad multidisciplinary festival taking place every year in a new, unique and spectacular location…

The festival is organized by Perchepolis; a match of the youth from Auvergne – middle region of France with Berlin; an outcome of the desire to highlight the architectural and historical heritage through an original and brand new perspective.

2019 edition

“You were born for what will happen. A whole new kind of paradise will open its gates in the coming future. This unique place, where time and space will fade away is called “L’Arboretum de Balaine”. Both glade and exotic forest, the oldest private arboretum of France and its 3 500 plant species will be the perfect decor for this 4 days life celebration from Thursday the 25th to Sunday the 28th of July 2019.

11 enchanting unique stages will provide your ears and eyes what they need to transport your soul to a new dimension. In perpetual evolution, Château Perché will open a space only dedicated to experiments and expression, where fun, convenient, unexpected workshops and sexy, crazy, unbelievable performances will guide you to the path of euphoria.

Spotted for their talent, away from the spotlight, 250 creators of paradisiacal universe, melodious wizards, maestros of decoration, will make you part of a whole crowd, in perfect cohesion, enjoying true freedom, allowing your body and spirit to dance like they never did before.” (source)

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When: July 25-28, 2019

Where: Villeneuve-sur-Allier, France

Why: Cause it’s an intense adventure, with 11 unique stages…

Atmosphere from previous editions:

Photos: © Rochette Vincent; thx to Vince De Boisdeffre