What is Javorwood?

The festival carries out the promotion of young artists and creators, who have the opportunity to present their skills and talent to the wider masses, and to connect with colleagues from all across South-East Europe. It promotes different branches of art, ranging from fine arts, through performing arts, to music and architecture.

By uniting nature and art, Javorwood is a complete unit of a festival attractive for people of all ages, including children. 


The Maple Valley (Javorov Do in Bosnian) is located 2.5 km from the Olympic ski center on mountain Bjelasnica. It is 30min drive from the capital city of Bosnia, Sarajevo.

Bringing the event out of town and setting the location on the mountain, in a natural environment, this amazing festival is shifting the frameworks of the city and expanding the horizons of our society.

Find out more about the festival’s location here

Open Call for Performers, Workshops & Volunteers

Are you an artist or musician? (performing artist, musical artist or fine artists) Perform at one of the Javorwood Festival stages – send your CV, digital documents: audio or video, detailed description + duration of your appearance and required technical material and equipment by May 15, 2019


Apply with your workshop, and teach the adults and children your trained skills, in arts, sports, psychology and spirituality (non-religious). The deadline is May 15, 2019. 

And if you’re interested in volunteering – getting into the Javorwood world, gaining rich experience through volunteer work in nature, learning new crafts and meeting new people with same interests in arts and nature – don’t miss opportunity to become a part of this creative community by applying with your motivational letter and/or CV by July 15, 2019.

More information on how to apply: please visit the official website of Javorwood Festival here


When: August 03, 2019

Where: Javorov Do, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

Why: Cause it promotes different branches of art, ranging from fine arts, through performing arts, to music and architecture in the stunning location near the famous Olympic ski center on mountain Bjelasnica in Bosnia.

Festival’s vibe:

Photos: © Adnan Lingo / Javorwood Festival