There’s something so special about Slovenia…

A small, picturesque country sandwiched in between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia – is one of the most beautiful European countries, famous for its stunning scenery, greenery and awesome and welcoming people. Now, if you’re looking for a unique combo of a reggae music event and spectacular festival location where this August you can treat yourself with an unforgettable reggae festival experience… then look no further. Overjam International Reggae Festival, located in the amazingly beautiful valley of Soca River, is welcoming visitors for the 8th time on August 15, and it’s truly one of the most amazing European reggae festivals…

Just check out the vibe in these 10 photos from the last year’s edition made by Stipe Surac

…and start making plans to visit Tolmin, a small town in northwestern Slovenia. It’s really not that far from Trieste, Ljubljana, Venice and Vienna… And it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Stipe Surac Photography

Graphic: © Overjam / Thanks to Nika Brunet from the Overjam Reggae Festival Team