This one should have seen the light of the screens a long time ago. So, better late than never describes my promise to its core. I always do what I promise and you guessed it ( if you were even guessing xD ), sometimes, it takes time.

But enough with time, that precious thing, let me tell you about the magic time I had in Barcelona. (as some of you also did if you were there)

I said I will call this article walking around and then just add the names of the cities that I visited after a dash. Still, have to decide on that one, but oh the Force, (or any other god or God you believe in, your choice), how I like to walk around.

The plan was to buy that public transport ticket and use the metro to go everywhere. But, I almost didn’t use the metro at all. (Except for that time when we started climbing Tibidabo. We were halfway to the top and decided that we will not be going up anymore. We started going down, found the first station, got closer to the center (save something for next time))

The plan changed. The first morning was so different. It was the second half of February. (it’s almost July now, how the time flies), Where I’m from its cold, but this, this was bliss. The freshness was still in the air but there was this Sun. Like it was hugging me all the time. (and boy, if you know me, you know I LOVE HUGS)

So I woke up, stepped outside and started walking around, and I didn’t stop for four days. The first walk of the day was to get some food. The second walk of the first day was to get to the meeting spot for the Free Walking Tour. The third walk of the day was the walking tour. The thing I do in almost every place I visit. It’s the greatest way to go around. You get see some hidden details, hear some anecdotes and meet some people, who will become friends later. 🙂 (It’s free because you don’t pay in advance and in the end, you leave the tip, as much as you want and can.)

We walked around the Gothic Quarter and I have to admit, I wasn’t really listening to the tour guide. Why? My attention was always taken by something else. I’m one of those people, oh look there is a butterfly, and I’m off. xD (I also put xD after almost every sentence, 90s child, I’ll try not to here xD). So, my attention was either taken by a palm tree, or a mandarin tree, or a beautiful building, or a detail on a random corner. (and there are a lot of corners in Barcelona, a lot)

Also, I stopped counting walks. I stopped paying too much attention… I simply enjoyed.

There were moments, on some of those corners, where I had a feeling that the time has stopped. History around me, lovely weather, group of tourists, people passing by. Yet, I felt like I am alone in lovely harmony and peace. Like in some kind of soap bubble. I was drifting around. There was music from a random guy that looked like Eric Clapton, and he was playing Hallelujah song. I told myself, if you die now, it’s OK. Cause you had this. And do you know that feeling? You find yourself in a funny situation, and you rush over and tell it to your friends. They just look at you, after it, because it’s not as funny. This is how I feel, there are no words, at least not in my mind that could describe that.

Also, do you know that feeling when something is so good and you wonder if it will happen again? Well, it did, the next day, or the same day, I can’t even remember anymore. (Give me a break it was months ago xD)

Barcelona gave me so many of those I’m so happy and If I die right now it’s OK. I would probably have to write a book or two. From lovely blocks and wide streets, houses, every single palm tree, lovely (free) panoramic views. The one and only Gaudi (of course), beach, food, vibe, sun beer, my new friends.

Of course, I went and saw all the must-do things, but my walking around brought some other things to me, and here are few tips:

The first one would be walking, it’s a big city, but not that big. And with friends, walks can be so fast and pleasant. Also, there are parks, a lot of them, hidden in plain sight. You can sit and rest if you get tired in a nice palm tree shade.

Second, go to the stores in Passeig de Gracia. Trust me I was wowed. Those lovely and outstanding houses you mostly see from the outside are magnificent in the inside. Just get quick in and out and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Third, go to the beach, you simply have to.

Fourth go to one of the hills or viewpoints. I’m not gonna tell you all, do your homework a bit, but here is one. The 360 view from the top of the shopping center that used to be a corrida (a bullfight place). It’s called Arenas de Barcelona. You’ll have a lovely view of the Plaça d’Espanya and Torres Venecianes and all beyond.

Fifth and the last one. Don’t think too much, just go and enjoy it. Be spontaneous, be crazy, be whatever and whoever you want. Barcelona is such a place and you should just let it go and make lovely memories.

There is one problem though. (at least for me) Once you try it, you want more. Guess who’s going back? 

Oh, and one more thing, have some beer! Cheers 😀

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Meri is an indie kind of person. She likes to travel and meets life in different shapes, forms and tastes. She also likes indie music and beer, and all kinds of food. That’s how she lives. 

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