1500 days, 3 continents: JOURNEY TO MIDDLE EARTH

His name is Tomica Kristic, and last year he finished his 4-year long journey, from Croatia to New Zealand, all by land. It took him more than 1500 days and 3 continents using one specific and unorthodox means of transport – hitchhike!

And now he is about to publish his book, and this is where we jump in to support this Indiegogo campaign (and reserve our copy of the book, of course).

Here’s a bit more about his story:

“This journey brought me hundreds of interesting stories, at the same time rewarding me with a huge amount of life experience which I decided to share with you. That’s why I decided to write a book about my journey. After 9 months of daily writing it came true, naming my book Journey to Middle-earth. It consists of 350 pages amongst you can read about:

  • my acting (extras) in few Bollywood movies in India
  • hitchhiking over 2400 km of Oman desert
  • my ladyboy roommates
  • how I made friends with Indian shaman at the largest spiritual festival in the world
  • sleeping inside police stations across Asia 
  • hitchhiking through the Middle East
  • volunteering in a school with abandoned children
  • 2 weeks mountain climbing to the Himalayas, reaching 5.416m altitude
  • drinking alcohol in Iran
  • my time in jail
  • sleepovers in local people homes all over the world
  • falling in love”

The book will be available in English and Croatian language. The campaign ends on August 13, 2020. (update: extended for one more month)

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Tomica’s FB page

Photos: © Tomica Kristic / thx to Tomica Kristic for providing information/photos