There’s so many: Top 5 Hiking Destinations in Tenerife

Ah Tenerife… The biggest island of the Canary Islands archipelago – a true paradise for all nature lovers and adrenaline sports enthusiants. The island of a thousand experiences, “perfect for resting and disconnecting from stress.” (source)… But most of all, and the reason why you clicked on this page on Indie Voyager – a dream come true for all hiking junkies.

Before we jump into the top 5 hiking destinations in Tenerife, recommended by my dear friend Lidija – who lives there, let’s see some other information that might come in handy if happens this magnificent island is your next destination…

Adrenaline sports

There are plenty things to do in Tenerife. From quad volcano tours and paragliding to water sports, snorkeling, diving – find the activity that attracts you the most on Tripadvisor


Wild camping on the island is illegal, but you can find some places where you can do it legally, of course. “To use these special camping areas, you have to obtain an official permit from the Island Council at least seven days in advance.” (source)

Delicious Food

Don’t miss to check out food markets across the island, and especially the charming Mercado Municipal Nuestra Senora de Africa.

Hiking Trails

Now, use these as an inspiration, and once you reached Tenerife, you’ll find many options to get the most out of the many hiking routes this paradise island offers. These are picks of my friend Lidija, the amazing girl I met while Couchsurfing Skopje, Macedonia… And these are:

Here’s the map:


¡Buen viaje!