Nothing. And absolutely everything: PARISENA BEACH, GREECE

“Oh my God Cec… Where’s my backpack?!?!” And my laptop, camera, my clothes and shoes, sleeping bag and hammock I bought last year in Samothraki

Definitely an unexpected moment that determined the start of this year’s trip to our hippie destination for the summer: Parisena Beach right next to a tiny semi-touristic place called Chorefto (Horefto)… that quickly turned into a life lesson that I had opportunity to put into practice that Thursday early morning in Thessaloníki.

Those are things. Just material things.

No one can ever steal my enthusiasm and positivity. Ever!

Getting There

If you’re traveling from Athens or Thessaloniki, go for Volos, “a coastal port city in Thessaly situated midway on the Greek mainland, about 330 kilometres (205 miles) north of Athens and 220 kilometres (137 miles) south of Thessaloniki.”  (source)

And then pay close to 6 euros for one of the most spectacular and fun bus rides you’ll ever have from Volos to Horefto, especially when you realize that the bus will take you to more than 1000 meters above sea level and then take you down by riding the waves of narrow and pretty dangerous road to Horefto.

I have a video of parts of that trip, but I won’t post it here. It should be a surprise; a spectacle for the start of your Parisena adventure that you’ll remember. Plus as I mentioned earlier, my camera was stolen, and my budget phone makes low-resolution videos. lol

Horefto is around 55km away from Volos and it takes 3.5 to 4h for bus to crash that distance.

Important: if you’re an inexperienced driver and want to visit this beach with your car or van, pls take into consideration to leave your car in Volos and take this bus.

Go East

Parisena Beach is situated in the eastern part of Pelion Mountain, and it’s a sandy beach with the most spectacular turquoise waters; an ideal spot perfect for all nature lovers who are looking for a quiet place where all you get is nature in its purest form. And that’s all you really need.

Cause the sights and feelings in Parisena and the area are here to confuse you; make you smile, wonder and appreciate nature and all the different shades of green weaved into hundreds of different plants and trees that surround this paradise.

If you’re looking for even more alternative secret spots, you’ll find them on the next beach from Parisena, or the beach after that – all accessible by taking this narrow hiking forest path to east.

Run, Cec, Run

There was an enormous storm raging our second night in Parisena and we ran to Horefto (shelter) cause we weren’t sure if our tent can handle this crazy situation; lunar eclipse for our movie night; full moon dog howling scene while I was enjoying some of my midnight swims; a close encounter with the scariest spider in my tent, craziest looking/sounding insects and the quietest day when there was almost no sounds on the beach or coming from the waves. The sea was almost in perfect line, and twenty something wild campers on this huge beach stayed silent for entire day.

No sounds. No stress. No tasks and no plans.


And it all felt like absolutely everything.

It’s hard to describe.

All photos made with budget Moto E3 smartphone.